Master Troy Hobelmann

Master Hobelmann

Master Hobelmann, the Owner and Chief Instructor of the Family Martial Arts Center LLC began his training  30 years ago. Master Hobelmann is a nationally certified Master instructor by:

The United States Midwest Martial Arts Association

The North American Sport Tae Kwon Do Association (NASTA) 

and The Great American Tae Kwon Do Association; 

He also holds a Black Belt in Hapkido and has had extensive training in Hwe Jeon Mu Sool.   

Master Hobelmann is also a certified Kukkiwon holder.

Master Hobelmann

As well as  being an accomplished martial artists and accruing numerous titles in  tournament competition, he is also an excellent and caring instructor  who provides the same high quality training to all students regardless  of athletic ability. 

Master Hobelmann

Master Hobelmann continues to upgrade his  abilities and stay current with the latest teaching methods to provide  his students the best possible martial arts education.  

He is currently an Executive with the North American Sport Tae Kwon Do Association and serves as the National Chief Referee, he is also a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

 "Train a child in the way that he should go and even when he is old he shall not turn from that."  Proverbs 22:6 

Black Belts

Miss Cheyenne 3rd Degree

Master Parks

Mr. Alex 3rd Degree


Miss Leah 3rd Degree

Miss Leah

Mr. Trevor 3rd Degree

Mr. Trevor

Jr. Black Belts

Mr. Daniel 3rd Degree


Mr. Cale 3rd Degree

Mr. Cale

Mr. Kellen 2nd Degree

Mr. Kellen

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